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Depending on the context, the term “BISP program bank account” might refer to one of two things in Pakistan:

1. Beneficiary Account for BISP:

Beneficiaries of the BISP have always received their stipends in this manner. Pre-paid debit cards that are connected to specific bank accounts are used to make payments. Depending on the area, the account may be kept at many banks.

Important Update: BISP launched a trial initiative in January 2023 that would allow participants to receive their stipends into any bank account of their choosing. Although this scheme hasn’t yet been implemented nationally, it suggests that the BISP payment model may change.
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Greetings, readers. In this post, I’ll be discussing three major sharer categories related to the Benazir Income Support Program. It is likely that a significant number of people will have received the educational stipend installment in their accounts. However, we will provide the most crucial information about when this installment will begin, as well as the length of time that those who have received the survey notification or the Benazir Kafalat program installment will have to complete another survey, even though the deadline has been extended.

Could you help clarify the deadline for performing re-surveys for individuals who have received re-survey notifications or who are receiving installments of the Benazir Kafalat program? The deadline is June 30, 2024. You all know that many individuals have got this message to re-survey by January 31, 2024, if not before. However, everyone who received this message through the 8171 messaging service is welcome to re-survey. I kindly ask everyone who has got this mail to submit their re-survey by January 31 instead of waiting until June 30 since doing so would result in disqualification.

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